WhatsApp Now Support Four-person Group Video Chat

WhatsApp Now Support Four-person Group Video Chat

August 2, 2018 0 By Mr Kings

WhatsApp has officially announced that group calling for both voice and video is finally available for everybody. The messaging app also shares that WhatsApp users spend more than 2 billion minutes on WhatsApp calls per day.

How To Start A Group Call?

To start a group call,

  1. You need to start a one-on-one video or voice call with a single person.
  2. Then, you’ll see a button at the top-right corner of the screen that will alow you add a participant. You can add up to three participants to make a total of four people in a video or voice call.

This feature is only available to those who have the latest version of Whatsapp. So, if you don’t have the option to add a participant then know that you are probably not running the latest version in your smartphone.
In that case, you should download the latest version of whatsapp app from Google Play Store. for Android users.
While the iOS users should simply download theirs from Apple App Store.