WhatsApp is Working on Search Image Feature

WhatsApp is Working on Search Image Feature

March 16, 2019 0 By Mr Kings

WatsApp have been rolling out updates frequently with cool features and this time, it’s working on an awesome feature called “WhatsApp Search Image” which will help to fight against spreading of fake news.

According to WABetaInfo, WhatsApp will use official Google APIs to search for the images on the Web. Once the image is uploaded on Google, WhatsApp will open the browser to show the search results.

With this info, you should be able to more accurately identify whether the picture is real, or fake news.

How WhatsApp Search Image Feature Works

If you select Search image, WhatsApp will alert you that it will be uploaded to Google: After uploading the image to Google, WhatsApp will open the browser to show the results.

The new search image feature is separate from the Advanced Search feature which was in the news recently. The Advance search feature lets the user look for and search wide variety of messages in the app itself, unlike the search image which uses the prowess of Google.

Though this update is not yet available, but we’ll be expecting it soon. The feature will be very useful because it can help us to understand if a news is fake. When you receive an image, you can try to search it on the Web using this feature, so you can discover if it’s fake and save yourself the time of reading fake news.