Users Can Now Re-download Deleted Media in WhatsApp

Users Can Now Re-download Deleted Media in WhatsApp

July 9, 2018 0 By Mr Kings

Whatsapp had rolled out a new update to its application. The recent update comes with the ability to re-download your deleted media files.

This is a good update from the Facebook-owned company and it’s also working on the issue of spreading fake news via the app.

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What is the importance of this update?

The update is important and a good update because there are sometimes you may mistakenly or intentionally deleted media from your galleries stored by apps like WhatsApp because you are running out of storage and you may be in need of that image later, that is when you will find this feature to be very important to you.

How To Recover WhatsApp deleted media

This new feature is currently working on deleted images, gifs, documents, video, and audio files, which means you can get back whatever you had deleted previously from your phone’s storage (through the gallery or a file manager, not from WhatsApp itself).

  • So once you find out that you have deleted a media file (Pictures, videos, mp3 etc) from your phone and wants to restore it, simply go back to the conversation in WhatsApp and you’ll find the blurred thumbnail there with a re-download button.
  • Tap it, and you’ll have your media restored back. I’ve tested it with images, GIFs, videos, audio, and documents, so you should be able to get back anything you mistakenly deleted.

This new feature is only available to people using from Whatsapp version 2.18.205 up. So if this new feature not already active on your device, it means that you are not running the latest version of Whatsapp. So to get this feature, simply download the latest WhasApp version from Google play store or click here to download it from ApkMirror.