The Ultimate 9 Ways to Secure Your Phone Against Spyware

The Ultimate 9 Ways to Secure Your Phone Against Spyware

March 20, 2019 0 By Mr Kings

It’s no doubt that smartphone manufacturers put more priority in the security of smartphones to make them more secured, still yet our smartphones remains porous. Unauthorized users like the Government and hackers still have remote access to our smartphones. They are able to spy on us via different loopholes in our smartphones; listening to us via our smartphone mic, and getting videos via our smartphone camera. In this article, we’ll discuss 9 different possible ways to secure your smartphone against spyware. These methods may not completely secure your phone, but they go a long way in securing the data on your phone.

1. Always Make Use of Strong Passwords

Using strong passwords is another way to safeguard your smartphones from spyware. This is the reason most platforms require you to make use of strong passwords, passwords that include numbers, characters, and letters. If a hacker gains physical access to your smartphone, downloading spyware into your phone would be difficult, because of the password set.

2. Don’t Leave Your Phone With Strangers

As casual as it may sound, giving your smartphone to a stranger who has intentions of tapping information from your phone, can make your smartphone porous. This is true because hackers can install apps spyware on your smartphone, that will allow them to tap information from your smartphone remotely. So if anyone asks for your smartphone, you are strongly advised on keeping an eye on them.

3. Set Download Passwords

Still on hackers gaining physical access to your smartphone, Another way to prevent hackers from downloading spyware to your smartphone, is by setting download passwords.

These download passwords will be requested immediately the hacker clicks the download button.

4. Be Careful With Your Download Sources

Download from wrong sources is another way to make your smartphone porous. Downloading from wrongs source may lead to the inclusion of spyware in the files you download. To keep your phone safe, you are advised to download apps from reputable app stores. If you own an Android device, you are advised to download apps from the Google PlayStore and if you own an Apple device, you are advised to download apps from the Apple App store.

5. Use Anti-Malware

Anti-Malware is actually the surest way to safeguard your smartphone from malware. Once installed on your smartphone, the Anti-malware app will alert you when spyware is detected. Anti-Malware apps can be downloaded from the Google PlayStore. You are advised to go for the paid versions because they are more effective.

6. Be Careful With App Agreements

It is a popular fact that there are app agreements can be very lengthy. This is because the developer makes sure he or she exhausts all the agreements needed to be brought to your notice. Despite the length of these agreements, it is imperative that you read through them because sometimes these agreements include the installation of some features that will make your smartphone porous.

7. Be Careful With Bluetooth and WIFI Connections

Another way hackers can spy on you via your phone is through unsecured wofi connection and Bluetooth connections. You are advised to meticulously scrutinize the Bluetooth and wifi connections before you join them. You are advised to only join trustworthy wifi and Bluetooth connections.

8.  Keep Your Confidential Information Safe

Still on the topic of ways to safeguard your phone against spyware, keeping your confidential information safe is another sure method.

Most third party apps require you to fill in your particulars, to get registered. You are strongly advised to put in wrong information, use a temporary email if you are not sure of such platforms.

9. Avoid Installation of Cracked Apps

Installing cracked apps on your phone is another sure way to getting spyware on your phone. Downloading cracked apps to bypass payments on apps is common these days. People choose to download cracked pro versions of apps, to avoid paying premiums. Be aware that these cracked apps usually come with spyware. As difficult at it may be, we strongly advise you download and install original only. Stay clear cracked apps, to keep your phone and its information secured

That’s it! The ultimate 9 ways to secure your smartphone against spyware. If you have other recommendations, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.

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