The Anticipated Features of Infinix Note 6 and Launch Date

The Anticipated Features of Infinix Note 6 and Launch Date

April 20, 2019 0 By Mr Kings

The Infinix Note smartphones are known for high performance and creative. Core traits of the these devices are a big display, a big battery, and in recent times, an optional Xpen stylus. The Infinix Note 6 is the next to follow this pattern.

While Infinix Zero smartphones comes with the most powerful processors and the biggest RAM, Infinix Note smartphones are more concerned with longevity and so have more power efficient processors along with the big displays and batteries.

The Anticipated Features of The Infinix Note 6

The Note 5 and its variant, Note 5 Stylus, both run stock Android, which indicates the departure from the usual mix of Android and Infinix’s custom UI, XOS. Has this come to stay, or was that just an Android One experiment on the part of Infinix?

The stock Android on the Note 5 is a good thing. I like the stock Android experience (along with the prospects of speedy software updates), the big screen, the big battery, and the stylus.

The Infinix S4 is a much sleeker smartphone than the Note 5, but if Infinix Mobility would put stock Android in it and add the stylus functionality, I’d take it in place of the Note 5. You get the picture. The Infinix Note 6 should feature stock Android and an Xpen stylus in the package.

AI on Infinix Note 6

Despite the absence of XOS, the Note 5 smartphones had AI built in, and that is expected to be seen in the Infinix Note 6 as well.

Of course, AI is mostly a buzz word on smartphones for now. Much of what is marketed as AI now is really no more than basic automation, but that is a conversation for another day. Here is a good article that deals with the subject well: AI in Smartphones: Separating Fact From Fiction, and Looking Ahead.

Whatever “AI” is on smartphones today, we will wait and see it on the Note 6.

Infinix Note 6 Camera and Battery

The Note 5 has a single camera setup at the back. I definitely will like to see a dual camera at the least on the Note 6. A triple camera combination would not be bad either. After all, business/creative devices are allowed to be great camera phones as well. Take a look at Samsung’s Note series, which the Infinix Note range draws inspiration from.
We will definitely see at least a 4000 mAh battery along with fast charging on the official specs sheet.

Glo 4G Support

The lack of Glo 4G support have prevented many from using an Infinix smartphone. Neither the Note 5 nor the Note 5 Stylus has Glo 4G support. It will be nice to see 4G LTE band 28(700) support on the Note 6 when it is announced.

Infinix Note 6 Release Date

If we go by the regular calendar that the manufacturer has followed, we can expect the Note 6 to be announced/launched around September 2019.

One thing is for sure, if the Infinix Note 6 shows up ticking all the boxes above, it will become my favourite Infinix smartphone of 2019.
If smartphone finally shows up right now, it would make my shortlist. You can check on this page to check out the price once it’s on sale.