Nvidia will Launch its Next Generation of Graphics Cards by August

Nvidia is here again to launch its much-anticipated next generation graphics cards after launching of its slow motion video feature some weeks ago. This fall, with partners set to receive developer boards next month.

According to an information from Wccftech, Nvidia will transfer its next generation graphics cards to GeForce add-in-board partners in August.

Why this matters is that once the company’s secret cards are sent out to developers around the world, there’s no stopping to the leaks. It’s likely the cards will be formally announced before hand.

Most journalists and tech experts are predicting the cards will be called the “GeForce GTX 1100 series,” and it’s been confirmed that they’re being built on the company’s Turing architecture.

According to a report from Videocardz, Nvidia has begun to invite Gamescom to their new proposal, which would begin in August. The invitations make no mention of new hardware, but promise “hands-on presentation of the latest PC gaming titles.” It’s possible Nvidia plans to unveil the new graphics cards at the event, and intends to keep as much under surprise until then.


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