How to Send a Secret Image

How to Send a Secret Image

August 28, 2018 1 By Mr Kings

You might want to send a secret image to someone for one or two reasons which could be a private picture which you wouldn’t want to get to the wrong person. If that is the case, there are different apps which could help us do that.

In this post, I would share with you an iOS app which you can use to send disappearing images, that is hiding images inside images.

You can use an app called Cammeleon to send a disappearing image to someone using your iOS phone.

What Is Cammeleon App All About?

Cammeleon apps is a cool little iOS app that lets you hide images within images.
Although the app’s interface isn’t that amazing, and some of the buttons don’t quite fit the different screen size of an iPhone X, but still the app accomplishes its trickery without needing a lot of chrome. It’s free, too, making it an excellent addition to your toolkit.

How To Hide Images Inside Images Using Cammeleon App

  • Firsy, you will need to Download the Cammeleon app from App Store.

To keep your secret images hidden (Decrypt);

  • Open the app, take a picture, add an optional caption, and hit the right arrow next to the caption box (even if you can’t see it)
  • Then, add a second picture (the camouflage image) and a password (optional), and use the same right arrow to send it wherever you wants it to go.

hide image inside image Your recipient receives a photo that looks like the second thing you shot (or imported) at first glance. Here’s where it gets fun. If they open up the image with Camelleon app on their device, their device can then decrypt the photo you sent along and reveal the real image which was hiden.

Now, to open the encrypted image;

  • With the picture open, simply tap the “Share” button. Select “Decrypt with Cammeleon” as the app that you’d like to use to open the image. Once it opens you will then see the hidden image.

hide image inside image That’s it. Let me know how tricky you found the app to be.