How To Keep Private Photos Hidden on Android

How To Keep Private Photos Hidden on Android

December 4, 2018 Off By Mr Kings

Mobile phones are meant to be private gadgets to its users, it’s a gadget that contains your contacts, text messages, recent calls, private media content and other personal information. Though smartphones are usually protected by password and biometric passkeys, we often grant full access to people who request to use our smartphones. Such access offers full access to all the data we have on our smartphone. Giving someone your smartphone to view a particular picture can expose other media files in your smartphone thereby leading to a threat to the privacy of other private data in your smartphone.

In other to keep media files on our Android smartphones, like photos secured, the need to employ measures to hiding photos is very imperative. If you don’t want to sound rude by refusing your friends or family access to your Android smartphones, you will need to learn how to hide private photos on your android smartphones. This article was designed just for that. This article contains tutorials on how to hide photos on Android.

How To Hide Photos on Android

There isn’t one general method for hiding photos on Android, in fact, there are many methods of hiding photos on Android. These methods depend on the features available on your smartphone and also the third-party apps you download.

How To Hide Photos on Android Through File Manager

This method involves using your creating a hidden folder in your file manager to store your private photos.How To Keep Private Photos Hidden on Android 1

  1. Open your file manager
  2. Create a new folder. During creation, you will be prompted to input a folder name. Begin the folder name with a dot. For example, if I decide to name the folder “My images”, the name should be written as ” .Myimages ” without the quotes. Adding the dot before the name makes the folder a hidden folder. Meaning a photo stored in the folder will not appear in any photo viewer.
  3. Send private pictures to the new folder you created. You will have to cut pictures from the folder they where previous occupying to the new folder.

Note: For you to be able to access hidden folders, you will need to:

  1. Open your file manager
  2. Click on the left icon.
  3. Navigate through the options until you see “Show hidden files” then click on it.

Alternatively: You can use a file manager file manager that allows users to view hidden folders. An ES file explorer app will allow you to do this.

How To Hide Photos on Android By Renaming The Image File Format

Still, on file manager, you can also hide photos on your phone by using a different file format. The file extension of an image can either be JPG or PNG or JPEG. whichever one the image has, you will have to change it.

  1. Open the file manager and navigate to the photo you want to hide
  2. Click on rename and change .JPG or .JPEG or .PNG to any file format you desire. You should consider changing the file format to something that is not attributed to any file type. Renaming an image file to will totally hide the photo from your gallery.

How To Hide Photos on Android Using VaultHow To Keep Private Photos Hidden on Android 2

You can also hide photos on Android using third-party apps like Vault. Third party apps like Vault, offer features that allow you to hide media files like photos in them. Such photos can only be accessed via vault itself. To make things sweeter, the vault has a feature that allows you to make the app disappear. To access the app, you will need to dial a special code in your dialer app to access the app. This way you won’t be sold out.

The methods listed above have been tested and they have shown efficiency, so if you want to hide photos on Android phone, one of the methods listed above will definitely be the answer.

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