How To Increase The Overall Speed And Performance Of Your Android Device

How To Increase The Overall Speed And Performance Of Your Android Device

July 17, 2018 0 By Mr Kings

Android devices sometimes, especially on low budget (cheap ones) could be so frustrating when it comes to performance and speed. This is a major Android problem every android users face once in a while which can be frustrating most especially if the speed of the phone is too slow.

This issue of slow performance is usually caused by some factors which includes: Small storage devices (especially RAM storage), too many installed apps, many apps running in background, over heating, etc. These factors usually makes your smartphone to start hanging which in turn, slows down the performance and speed of your device.

However, Gobuzz is here to show you some tips on how to solve some of those android problems.

How To Increase The Performance And Speed Of Your Android Device

1. Clear cache and data of your apps regularly

Whenever you open an app in your phone, every activity done in the app will be stored in that app’s cache which makes it to recognize you and resume from the last activity the next time you open the app.
For instance, when you are playing game with your phone and later quite the game, next time you launch the game, it will resume from the last mission or stage where it was the last time you played the game. What makes it to resume from there was because of the cache it had stored in your phone. .

These cached data will be stored in your phone memory which leads to decreasing the memory for apps and thereby making the phone to hang.

The possible solution for this is to clear the cache of unwanted/unimportant apps. To do that:Go to setting >> Storage >> Click on cached data and click on OK to clear caches.

2. Move Installed Apps to External Memory

If you are using a lot of apps on your device, you need to move few of them to the external memory. Moving apps to the external memory will empty the storage space of your phone thereby increasing performance of the smartphone.

You can install applications directly in the external memory or better still, set the external memory storage as default memory.

Go to setting >> storage >> Tap on the SD card Storage

3. Save Files in the External Memory

Internal memory (primary memory) contributes a lot to the performance and speed of a smartphones. Try as much as possible to always keep your phone internal memory free. Buy an external memory for your device (8GB or 16GB will be enough).

4. Store Large Files In Cloud Storage.

If you want to store large files such as Movies, large songs, and many more for future use, it is recommended you use cloud storage. Leave the files you needed daily on your phone and upload the remaining to cloud storage like dropbox or google drive.

5. Avoid Overheating 

When your smartphone overheat, it will definitely hang and once it hangs, it becomes too slow in speed and performance. One of the ways you can avoid overheating are highlighted below:

  • Turn off or Exit apps running in background.
  • Turn off all network connections (data connection, Wi-Fi, when not in use.
  • Remove it from 4G and set it to 3G or 2G only. Network is the number one reason why your smartphone overheat. Only turn on your 4G if you have something important to do online.
  • Reduce the phone brightness (simply swipe down your phone notification and reduce brightness).
  • Keep it in a cool place. Smartphone perform well under cool environment.
    Note: Not in a freezer, because it can damage your smartphone.

Smartphones that are slow in performance and speed are really annoying, but I believe that if you apply the above mentioned techniques, it would go a long way in increasing the overall speed of your android device.

Kindly share with me below what other ways you know that can increase the performance and speed of an android device.