How To Disable MacBook Pro Auto Power-on

How To Disable MacBook Pro Auto Power-on

May 24, 2018 0 By Mr Kings

When you’re upgrading your MacBook Pro from older version of 2016 to a 2016 model or later, you may find it strange that the MacBook automatically powers on when you open the lid. This also occurs if the computer is turned off and the charger is connected.

While this may be a feature loved by some, it’s not appreciated by everyone. You wouldn’t plug-in the charger without worrying about the MacBook automatically turning itself on. You might just want to open the lid to clean the MacBook and it’s already trying to boot up.

You can’t do this from the settings, it has to be done through the command line. To disable this feature, it’s only a single line of code in Terminal.

To disable this feature on your MacBook Pro, follow the steps below:

1. Press Command (⌘) + Spacebar to launch Spotlight search. Type Terminal and launch when it appears.

2. Copy this code or type exactly as shown below:

sudo nvram AutoBoot=%00

3. Hit Enter and you will be required to enter your password:

MacBook Pro

4. Type your password, hit Enter again and you’re done.

This should stop your MacBook pro from automatically turning on when the lid is open or when the charger is connected. You now have to use the power button / Touch ID button to power on the computer when needed.

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You might want to disable this feature and use the Auto boot due to some issues you like; The power button/touch Id button now have some problem or is no longer working properly. If you encounter this type of issues with your power button and wants to disable this feature, you can still do it through Terminal. You will only need to use this code below.

Just follow the above steps and copy or type exactly this code:

sudo nvram AutoBoot=%03

Hit Enter and it will come back to the default behavior.