How Smart Gadgets Are Transforming Lives

How Smart Gadgets Are Transforming Lives

February 12, 2020 0 By Mr Kings

In today’s world, the selection of Smart gadgets for daily needs promises to make life much easier, vastly transforming our personal, social and professional lives such that these devices is already having the power to change our world, no wonder statistics shows that in 2022, around 50% of households would have no choice but to leverage on Smart gadgets. Having known these, let’s quickly look at how these amazing pieces of technologies have impacted on our lives.

Smart Apple Products

We all know Apple is one of the trending companies in vogue today, from Apple HomeKit to Wireless earphones, Smart Bluetooth speakers, Live TV streaming, Headsets, Chromebooks, Drones, Smartphones, Baby monitors, Smart Keyboards, Smart locks and lights, Smart Spy camera watches and many more – no wonder Apple is vastly becoming the household name when it comes to Smart gadgets.

The Apple HomeKit is a typical example that Apple is quickly catching up with Amazon alexa and Google Home as far as SmartHomes is concerned.

These compatible Apple SmartHome devices, connected with Iphones, enables you to make use of the Siri voice assistant that helps you to take control of home switches, electronics, security cameras and etcetera.

Some of the Apple SmartHome Smart kits products include the IHome ISP6X Smart plug, IHome ISP 100 for outdoors and the Yale Assure Lock that works with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa as well.

Apple Smart Watch and Smart Bluetooth Speaker

Apple Smart Watch and Smart Bluetooth Speaker

Furthermore, in the world of Smartphones, there appears to be no limit to what you can do with Iphones like the iPhone XR, iPhone XS Max and iPhone X. you can now use Apple pay to buy things with your iPhones, no more need for credit cards, so you see; may be one day your Apple Smartphone may be the only device you need to be able to purchase products.

With the help of some useful apps like Snapchat, Trivia crack, Siri, VoiceOver, Slither io and many others, people with vision problems, physically disabled persons and even people with hearing impairments now benefit largely such that these apps has made strides to make their devices more accessible by having them link through Bluetooth to third-party technologies such as hearing aids, switch control devices and functional displays.

iPhone XR

iPhone XR

Today, many professional Photographers, Podcasters, Musicians and others make use of their iPhones as a medium for selling their professions. Let me tell you, if there’s any company right now that has benefitted largely from the emergence of apps than any other, then its Apple.

The Sensational VR / AR Headsets

Oculus Rift Headset

The emergence of VR into our world today has transformed how people and business interact. Now used in industries as a way of training people providing a new way to experience things and real life scenarios. When it comes to entertainment, you can enjoy 3D movies, where you are deeply immersed as if you are there in the movie, surrounded by the sound effects and overwhelming contrasts in view. VR has changed the concept of tourism, Healthcare –were diagnosis and CAT scan has expertly helped surgeons to determine the safest and most efficient way to practice difficult procedures ahead of time. VR has also served as a very cost effective tool for rehabilitation, an immersive VR created by mindmazeto now helps regain cognitive function faster than the traditional therapy.

HTC Vive Headset Oculus Rift Headset
VR (Virtual Reality) has gone beyond just helping astronauts to prepare for missions, scientist now use VR to control robots on mars while on earth. There are many practical use case scenarios for VR and AR (Augmented Reality) such as adding lot of culture to tourism, Automotive development in manufacturing companies, Education – making cognitive learning faster, in court rooms – to evaluate crime scenes, shopping, mental health and many more.

Smart Wearable Gadgets

There are many Smart Wearables out there for grab, ranging from Smart Wristwatches, Smart eyeglasses, Mobile connected SmartHome Gym and fitness trackers, Smart earphones, Spy glasses , H2O Pal and many more. These gadgets has transformed the way most people live, helping people to live healthier while getting accustomed to healthier habits – checking their weight on the go, alerting users of live threatening health conditions ahead like heart attack and notifying users on the progress and improvement of their health condition.

Bluetooth Sunglasses Google Smart Glasses
The sensors connected to these Wearable gadgets and with the help of an app, users can consistently receive information; giving a 360 degree view of your body and discovering what your body needs, taking the H2O Pal for example where hydration is one less thing to worry about.

Smart Homes and The Internet of Things

Mucjun Wi-Fi Smart Doorbell Camera

Mucjun Wi-Fi Smart Doorbell Camera

With your Smartphone, now you can control things like Lightings, security systems and hidden cameras, household appliances and building components like doors, windows, blinds and so on in your home or office which is done by fully wireless interactions with no remote control button to press.

With Smartphones, the way we secure our homes has significantly improve, you can now password your door, Smart floors than notifies you of an intruder, Presence aware porches that requires a password when someone is at the door, Lighting systems that can be controlled by diming or increased. There are other independent Smarthome devices like Netatmo products, the Amazon doorbell camera and many more – all these are breathtaking innovations.

Artificial Intelligence and Smart Gadgets

AI has become a crucial part of daily living, assisting in most scenarios that you may even not realize it. AI has helped in the integration with all applications we use on the web today. Also, in business, smart gadgets now use AI (Artificial Intelligence) for customer assistance scenarios which is faster than humans.


It is with the help of AI that through our gadgets like iPads, recording pen, Smartphones, PC, Mac, and so on are able to send reminders and notifications. The use of Google analytics through your iPads, the make-over in clinical approach via AI smart gadgets, the processing of large volumes of data in finance sector by the use of machine learning for Algorithm trading automaton in an array of processes and many more use case of AI in various sectors shows that we’re moving closer to the robot age.

Smart Furniture

Smart Toilet with Cabinet

Smart Toilet with Cabinet

Just as we’ve seen things like automobiles running on electricity instead of gas, there are also Smart furniture gadgets and you may be wondering what they really are – they include things like Bluetooth speaker table, gesture controlled chairs, ThreadRobe, Smartsleep gadgets and many more. These furniture’s are so fascinating that you may never want to leave you house at any moment.


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