Airtel Launches 3Flix Mobile Tv Android App: See How To Download yours

Airtel Launches 3Flix Mobile Tv Android App: See How To Download yours

October 17, 2018 3 By Mr Kings

As  part of the introduction of its 4G LTE to different states in the country, Airtel, one of the most popular telecommunication service provider in Nigeria, has formed a partnership with Coverage Broadband (CB) a subsidiary of Phase3 Telecom, to launch a TV network service which would be called 3flix mobile TV service.

With this network service partnership, customers who subscribe to a special, bundle data plan on Airtel will now have unfettered access to 3flix live television channels. This service is coming as a rival to iFlix and Iroko.

3Flix is a Mobile TV service which enables users to watch TV channels live on Mobile devices. Focused on emerging markets with a view to offer subscribers a unique technology based experience of TV viewing on Mobile phones without consuming much data. The direct streaming WAP Platform is

The service would be an excellent family entertainment program currently having 42 live TV channels covering all genres.

“The product boasts exciting content that is affordable and runs on ease-of-use features for subscribers to stream live TV on the go”

, Said by the company.

The 3flix TV app is designed for smartphones, and provides premium television content to subscribers across their devices.

Where To Download Airtel 3flix Android App

You can download the 3flix Android app directly from Google Play Store now and start streaming.