16 Best Free Face Swap Apps For Android 2019

16 Best Free Face Swap Apps For Android 2019

February 14, 2019 0 By Mr Kings

Changing faces in images is one of the most fun and interesting entertainment on smartphones. You get to use the front camera, change faces or replace your face with something funny, and sometimes even frightening.

In this article, we have listed 16 Best Free Face Swap Apps For Android. Take your time and go through each of the apps and choose anyone that interests you.

1. Face Swap

Users did not take this app seriously initially because of its developers. The app was created by Weather Radar Forecast, and as you know, face swapping and weather forecasting are not exactly related. But trust me when i say that a trial will convince you. There is something for everyone aiming to do whatever with the app. Scary images lovers are catered for, cute photos freaks are covered and funny pics addicts are not left out. It gives you real-time swapping, filters, themes and even the retouch option to spice whatever you are doing up. When you are finished, you also get to pick a different background if you choose to. Having an average of 50 million downloads should tell you that there is something people get from the app that keeps them coming back.

Try all the features of this application by downloading a suitable joint photo or collage. It automatically determines the number of persons in the picture and where they are located. After that, you can move the sketches the way you like. Thus, the user himself indicates which objects should be replaced. If one person is much larger than the others, it is very easy to fix by scaling. When you edit the photo, the detected faces will be displayed on the right.

2. Face Swap by Microsoft

Bill Gates and co recently joined in the fun as they created their own face swapping app to dazzle users. They did their very best to ensure the app came out unique with standout features and capabilities. Microsoft’s face swap app allows you to pull out a face from one photo to place over photos from the web (aided with a search option by Bing.) or from your own gallery so that both can still be evident.

This app is also home to some of the best facial recognition technology. So if you want to use your face on Rihanna’s body, you are allowed. If it’s your face and Mercy Johnson’s hips, you are free. And for those that can’t afford to visit Manchester United’s Old Trafford stadium but want to make it look like they stood in front of it in a picture, it is very much possible with this app. Trying out brand new hairstyles and outfits can also be done. No Ads.

3. Face Swap Booth Face Changer

This app is one of the largest stores for faces. It also lets you add more of yours via the apps automatic face detection feature. It also provides you the option to change only specific facial features to swap and overlay. This means that you can come up with Nina Dobrev’s nose, your cousin’s eyes or your boyfriend’s beard. Your creativity is the only limit to this. This app is a massive online storage of celebrity faces so you are spoilt for choice. It has a very few ads and better functional list than its competition.

4. Face Swap Photo Face Swap

It has a very easy user interface and it works with photos of decent quality. It also has a variety of special effects like Face Bomb that allows the same face on everyone in the image. You get to swap several faces, save and share on social media.


Facebook was not going to sit around and let the others run the face swap apps game, so they came up with this app. It has the ability to transform the humans in your photos into zombies, witches, wizards, clowns e.t.c Other transformations include puppy dog ears, foxtails or lion eyes and so on. It is free and takes up 32MB of your internal memory space. Lots of effects that come with this app are animated and can even be used in MP4s. Snapchats filter and lenses are quite similar to what MSQRP offers. It can be used offline.

6. Face Swap Live

It comes at a price. It is simple and free to use as it does not need you to have prior editing skills in order to do things with it. It has the face mask mode that would bring your face together with that of another person and the two-face swap that would let you exchange faces. Facebook Swap live does live swaps. What this means is that you get to get to take a video with someone and your faces would be switched. Recording a video with your swapped face is also a possibility. You can share your final result with others.

7. Zombify

Such an application will not be to everyone’s liking, but if you are a fan of zombie movies and always dreamed of finding out such a terrible zombie of you, then this is the application for you. The app is so realistic in transforming photos that even has an age limit of 12+.

8. Lip Swap

This app is from Google. You need to experience Lip Swap to know the horror and delight that comes with having a feel of it. It makes things look real. You get to talk through your eyes and talk through your nose. Wanting these things is so unimaginable and suspense-filled at the same time. You can download it from Google Play.

It was originally made as part of Android Experiments, which asks developers to create new and innovative types of apps that serve a purpose.

9. MixBoots

From the name, you’ll know there’ll be a mixing somewhere. Yes, there is. You get to mix two faces into one face. It requires your help to place markers over your mouth, eyes, and chin though, so get yourself ready for that.

It is an app for curious minds that want to find out how a mixture of their face and that of a friend, sibling or parent might be. Your curiosity is about to become a reality.

10. Animal Faces – Face Morphing

Here, you get a chance to be united with your spirit animal. There is a variety of animals to choose from. It doesn’t cost you anything. You are given several effects to use. Saving and sharing your picture on social media is there for an ideal experience as well. You are allowed to add your own pet.

11. Photo Face Swap Face Camera

You are granted a platform to take makeovers to a whole new level. You get to trade up to half a dozen faces between 2 photos. Users also have the opportunity to experiment with lots of stickers. Movie themes, cartoons, popular characters, in-app animals are there to boost your choices or you can decide to use your own.

12. Make Me Bald

It does not matter whether you are a guy or a girl, you are probably wondering – how would you look bald? If so, then you no longer need to submit, because you can install this app and see everything with your own eyes. Just drag your finger across the screen. Also you can try on a mustache and even a beard.

13. Oldify

You will like this app if you like to tickle your nerves. Do you want to know how you will look in old age? In one second this app will show you how you will look in 40 or even 90 years. The main thing at this moment is not to be scared.

14. OldBooth

This application allows users to truly reincarnate and try on the image of past centuries. Finally, you can find out how you would look if you were born 100 or 200 years earlier. Transform, reincarnate and learn about yourself a lot of new and interesting.

15. ModiFace

A stunning app that will not leave any girl on the planet indifferent. Thanks to him you can in real time to apply any hairstyle, make a make-up and try Botox without injections. Modern technologies allow you to do everything quickly and very accurately.

16. LOL Movie

LOL Movie is not for nothing. The functional app allows you to completely change the shape and size of the head, eyes, nose and mouth. You can change your voice to the voice of a chipmunk or gorilla. Thanks to its functions, this app made thousands of people laugh.

There you have it! The list of best face swap apps for Android in 2019. If you have other suggestions, please share with us through the comment box below.