12 Best Screen Dimmer Apps For Android in 2019

12 Best Screen Dimmer Apps For Android in 2019

July 3, 2020 1 By Mr Kings

Eye strain can be a very critical issue for anyone who spends a lot of time looking at screens—whether that’s a desktop monitor, a television, or even a smartphone. This is the reason you need a screen dimmer app this year to be on the safe side.
Here is a list of my 12 Best Screen Dimmer Apps For Android in this 2020.

1. Twilight

Twilight is an app that does something similar to F.lux, the well-known blue light filtering app for PCs:using sunrise and sunset times as indicators, Twilight automatically adjusts the screen temperature (how much blue light is emitted) so lessen disruption of your circadian rhythms. After sunset, Twilight dampens screen temperature using blue-light filtering and warmth intensity.
Don’t care about blue light? That’s fine. Twilight also has a dimness factor, so you can ignore all of the warmth and temperature controls and just automatically adjust screen dimness based on the same sunrise and sunset settings.
There’s an optional Pro version with extra settings: custom sunrise time, custom sunset time, custom transition time (the time it takes to fade from no-dampening to full-dampening when you hit sunrise or sunset times), and more.

2. C.F Lumen

This app uses the times of sunrise and sunset at your location to dim your screen light and apply a blue light filter. Enhancement for color blindness is allowed. Installation requires technical knowledge but once installed, users get to enjoy its powerful features.

3. Lux

The lux app is not the regular screen dimmer app. Instead of the standard auto-dimming feature, Lux responds to your environment and not just what time of the day it is. You are in total control over how and when it adjusts brightness via its preset configurations.

There is a link tool that enables your teaching the app how to respond. Lux also gives you the ability to darken even more profound than your phone’s lowest brightness settings. You extend your battery life while protecting your eyes as well.

4. Cobrets

This app has several pre-defined configurations. One of them is the night filter to set your phone’s brightness lower than your device’s default brightness. It helps to make your phone screen less straining in an ark environment.

5. My Eyes Protection

My Eyes Protection is as easy as it gets for filtering. You’ve got one slider for blue light filtering. When you want filtering, just toggle it on from the app or notification center. No scheduling or customizing color levels.
Keeping eye care in mind, the developers have also added Eyestrain prevention to remind you to take breaks if you’re reading too much. That’s perfect for night reading because you don’t want a headache right before bed.

6. Dimly

Compatible with most Android devices. This is needed by those that use their smartphones until late midnight. Brightness is reduced below its lowest threshold.

7. Velis

This app does good work by replacing the normal Android default auto brightness excluding the usual bells and whistles.

Learning how this app works can be complicated but can also be done. It comes with a setup wizard to oversee the installation.

8. Night Owl

This app is not only one of the best app available in the android market but it is the app with the maximum number of features as compared to its competetors. The app comes with night filter that adjusts your android phone’s brightness lower than the system’s default brightness level and the app also has a diurnal filter that will make your device’s screen very comfortable to view even at night time.

9. Brightness Widgets

This lightweight app called Brightness Widget (it’s less than 1MB in size) lets you put a simple widget on your home screen. Tapping the widget cycles through three brightness settings: minimal, medium, and maximum. That’s all there is to it. The app doesn’t even have a settings page.

10. Night Screen

The selling point of this app is its ease of use. If all you desire is a blue light filter, it is right there on the app. Payment for the app takes away ads. The in-app purchase gives control widget that will aid you to control night mode.

11. Midnight

Midnight gives you all the major functions of a blue light filter minus the ads. With a round slider interface, you can control the color temperature (black, yellow, blue and red light) of your screen. When you’ve tweaked the color, you can preview changes with the play button.
Like other filtering apps, you can schedule the start and stop time of the filter. It won’t automatically change based on your location’s sunrise and sunset times. That’s a function other apps have. One unique feature Midnight has is a sensor to determine ambient light. That setting dims the screen in dark environments.

12. night mode

Dimmer is one of the best screen dimmer apps 2019 available on app store and this amazing app is available for free in the market. It is highly recommended for the users who uses their smartphones until late night as the app reduces the brightness level of their iPhone’s below the minimum level. One can easily launch this app from the iphone’s widget available on home screen. This wonderful screen dimming app comes with two differnet modes, Advanced mode and battery mode.


Screen brightness is one of those things where you don’t realize just how much of an impact it has on your daily life until someone shows you. These list of best screen dimmer apps for Android will help you reduce the brightness of your display, beyond the limit. Don’t underestimate the usefulness of these apps.

That’s it! A list of the best screen dimmer apps for Android in 2020.

If you have other recommendations, feel free to drop them in the comment box below.