10 Amazing Features of Android 9 Pie

10 Amazing Features of Android 9 Pie

August 13, 2018 0 By Mr Kings

Google has officially unveiled the newest of its Android operating system which is called Pie (Android P also known as Android 9) and you can get it right now if you’ve got a Pixel phone.

The company released the first preview of Android 9 for developers back in March, with support for notches and multiple cameras (so apps could work better with them), improved notifications, some design tweaks, AI-powered adaptive brightness and under-the-hood enhancements.

Now, the stable version of the Android 9 Pie is officially available and we shall be highlighting 10 interesting features of the OS and supported devices.

Below are some of the new features added to the Android 9 Pie operating system:

1. AI-powered Adaptative Battery

With every gadget, every smartphone, and every OS ever released, users still never seem to get the best out of their battery, even with battery saving measures OEMs have installed on their devices. Battery longevity is one thing Google aims to extend on every Android smartphone with the Android 9 Pie. The Android 9 will use ‘AI Powers’ to identify frequently used apps and apps you barely use and in turn limit battery usage of the less frequently apps; all done smartly and by itself. In addition to Adaptive Battery, the Settings menu now come with recommendations on battery draining apps to restrict, so you can have more control over your battery and more battery juice.

2. AI-powered Adaptative Brightness

Again, using AI, the Android 9 Pie allows your phone study how you set your screen’s brightness in different environmental lighting conditions and automatically does adjusts your screen brightness for you over time according to your preference.

3. New Navigation buttons & Gesture control

gesture control

Although totally optional, the regular three-keys on-screen navigation keys (home, return, and app switch) that were used in previous OS have been replaced with a pill-shaped home button with smart gesture control at the centre and a return key at the left hand left-hand With the new pill shappill-shapedton, you can:

  • Swipe up to open app drawer
  • Swipe left or right to switch between apps

4. Redefined Media Control

10 Amazing Features of Android 9 Pie 1

You know how the volume adjustment panel used to appear along the top of the screen? Well, we won’t be seeing that on the Android 9 as Google has made significant changes. The volume slider will appear on the right side if the display in the Android P alongside an icon at the top which allows users easily turn off all notifications, put their devices on vibrate, or keep notifications on. The gear icon at the bottom of the slider opens up the sound settings where you can make adjustments to alarms volume, ringer, call, media etc.

5. Image Preview in Message Notification

On the interactions front, you’ll find a revamped Quick Settings menu, support for navigating across the OS using gestures, the ability to grab a screenshot from the power menu, and smart suggestions for replying to messages in notifications.

6. App Actions

App actions is another interesting new feature that comes with the Android 9 Pie which also uses artificial intelligence (AI) to learn what apps user make use of on their devices at different times of the day and make suggestions off it later on. When you open the app drawer, right below the favourite/most used apps that are lined up below the search bar are the ‘App action cards’. The Android Pie makes your phone learn what apps you use at different times of the day and will show different App Actions in the app drawer. App Actions contextually predicts what you’ll want to do next with your phone (like firing up your favorite playlist when you plug in your headphones).

7. Dashboard

10 Amazing Features of Android 9 Pie 2

The Android 9 Pie comes with something called ‘Dashboard’ which gives you hindsight around how often your device is used, how much time you spend on your phone, how much time you spend in apps, number of notifications you get and more.

8. Bluetooth connection and volume

The Android 9 Pie supports multiple Bluetooth connections with up to five devices and allows seamless switch between the connected devices. In addition, Android 9 will store the last volume you set for each of your Bluetooth devices and adopt the volume level when next you connect it to your phone. “No more blasting music too loudly when you reconnect to your car or headphones”, Google says.

9. Smart Do Not Disturb

10 Amazing Features of Android 9 Pie 3

The Do Not Disturb mode has been completely redefined on the Android Pie. Turning over your phone will now automatically turn on the Do Not Disturb mode but you can get calls from selected contacts. A new Do Not Disturb function that suppresses visual interruptions like notifications, and the Wind Down feature, which turns on Do Not Disturb and fades your screen to grayscale around the time you go to bed. If you’re on a Pixel, you can try it right now by signing up for the beta using your email address associated with Google Play.

10. Virtual Notch

10 Amazing Features of Android 9 Pie 4

Display notches have been the thing of the year on the smartphone world and now, Google officially adds support for these screen cutout so developers can build apps that responds well to these cutouts on hardware without glitches.


The above feature are 10 of the best features we found particularly new and interesting. You can check out all the features of the Android Pie on the official Android website.